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MITL (Modern Intelligence and Technology Laboratory)

MITL is a research institute. It is supported and operated by Katana Performance Consulting, Inc.,. Not for profit.
What should be left for posterity is books and lecture activities as dissemination activities.

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〒111-0052 東京都台東区柳橋2-14-4 セントラルビル2階 カタナ・パフォーマンス・コンサルティング株式会社MITL

Katana Performance Consulting Co., Ltd. MITL, 2nd floor, Central Building, 2-14-4 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052

Contact Us  info@mitl.jp


主要メンバー Management members


宮川 雅明 Masaaki Miyagawa

Katana Performance Consulting, Inc., President and CEO

英国国立ウェールズ大学トリニティセントデイビッド大学院特定教授  British National University of Wales Trinity St. David (UWTDS) Specific Professor


島田 武 Takeshi Shimada

元最大手広告代理店 新規事業開発責任者 Former Japanese listed company, the largest agency, new business development manager

元公益法人常務理事 Former Managing Director of Public Interest Corporation



“Reliability” is one of the moderators (coordinating factors) that move the world. “Will the pension be returned just by multiplying it?” “Data fraud of listed companies, fraudulent financing of financial institutions, fraudulent employment of persons with disabilities in government offices” Everyone thought that such an event would continue in the future. There is.
Lack of trust in society and norms leads people to seek trust in others. Cryptocurrency and charisma seem to be one of them. Eventually, a virtual nation will appear on the web. Because the world of the web may be more open, democratic and self-fulfilling.
In this world, we ask what kind of strategy is required for companies and organizations.

世界的を動かすモデレータ(調整要因)の一つが「信頼性」です。“年金は掛けた分だけでも戻ってくるのだろうか” “上場企業のデータ不正、金融機関の不正融資、官公庁の障害者雇用不正” こうした事象は今後も続くのではないかと誰もが思っている。


Just as the core of society is the family, the core of the organization is the team. There is a limit to what you can do alone. Even if you are doing research alone, it does not make sense without the demands of society. Research, development, and services will be refined and evolved through our involvement with society.
In the service economy, the challenges are to improve added value and productivity. In conclusion, both depend on team activity. And team activity has a big impact on engagement.
Currently, holacracy and agile are attracting attention, but the principle remains the same.
Ask about the ideal team from various aspects such as strategy, organization, and leadership.


【働き方とナレッジワーカーの生産性】Work Style and Productivity of Knowledge Workers

There are at least two aspects to working. Poverty (a social structural aspect that cannot be middle class even if efforts are made) and productivity. The problem of poverty is becoming a social phenomenon that seeks to change the way people are viewed by income and social status. MITL does not mention it. Productivity. In conclusion, it is productivity that raises the standard of living. Productivity is at the root of creating value-added products. In the age of AI, most of BPO and shared services will be converted to AI. In other words, many white-collar jobs will disappear, and knowledge workers will be required. Ask about the productivity of knowledge workers, including the “team” mentioned earlier.


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