報告・連絡・相談 Report / contact / consultation

It is often called “horensou”. The offensive offices mentioned above can be very helpful in providing a fulfilling horensou. In addition, it is important that all team members are physically close together. A sense of distance between team members is very important, as too close may result in a lack of autonomy. Horensou must be on schedule for the future. The report is over and past. I think it’s already late at the meeting to see if it’s done reliably. Even if there are no such meetings within the team, I think that the leader’s big business is how to create an environment where mutual communication is fulfilling. The important thing depends on how to contact and consult. Because they are the future. It may be said that such a thing is a matter of course. But how do you contact and discuss the future (after tomorrow, not now)? The future is not over yet. How do you contact and consult about what will happen? But let’s think about it. In order to contact and consult about the future, we must always think about the future. In other words, we must always think about creating and sharing dreams, romance and value. The past cannot be modified or changed. There are various opinions about the future, and I think that there are many cases where it cannot be said to be one. There is a good chance that the opinions of experienced leaders and peers will come in, and the ideas of the members may not be adopted, which is why open and great discussions are always necessary. Those who want to be free may dislike this restriction. It’s painful. That is why future contact and consultation are important. No, leaders have a lot to do!








チーム・ワーク Team Work

It is important for members to always keep in mind the feelings of the leader. Of course, the leader will be thinking about the members. This is called teamwork. In other words, unless high teamwork is demonstrated, the goal cannot be achieved at all. Once the team has begun to work on the outcome goals, it is not possible for the superordinate organization to speak out or hold back on the team. The team’s goals have already been acknowledged, so you should keep an eye on them, even if you have some concerns. It goes without saying that it is more efficient to work as a team than to work alone. But there are some obvious prerequisites. That is the goodness of teamwork. I would like to consider how to create a team that forms good teamwork from a natural point of view. I think the activities as a team have been around since the Stone Age. I think that the role of searching for and pursuing prey, the role of shooting with a bow, the technical role of building a temple, the relationship between a Buddhist master and a disciple when making a Buddha statue, the organization of the fighting army, etc. will be a team. It goes without saying that each team member plays a leading role, but all team members, centered on the leader, bear the difficult task of how to make each activity a cohesive activity to achieve the goals of the team. The activity will continue forever in the future. The same is true when thinking about team business, and I think that the value and existence of a team is determined by how the leader plays a central role. However, the idea of ​​the leader is not 100%. It goes without saying that the leader must think about the activities of the team, absorbing the ideas of the team members. How to combine the ideas of the leader and the ideas of the team members to create a policy is the most important point that leads to the evaluation of the leader.








ジョブ単位 Job Unit

A business has a beginning and a conclusion (end). Of the company-wide business activities, the business activity that occurs each time in the smallest unit is called the job unit. In order to clarify this job unit, it is necessary to assign a job number (management number), record and store the progress from the purpose, final evaluation, etc., and grasp and manage the entire team. Every job has a beginning. You can’t put a break in your business. I understand that too. If you analyze the contents of the transaction carefully, you may find that many business requests overlap. Why not divide it into individual businesses instead of thinking of them as one business as a whole? This separated business (activity) is a job unit. At first glance, many similar things have been requested, so it may look like one business as a whole. Of course, in the case of very small business activities, those with the same theme should be regarded as one job unit. It is up to the leaders and members to decide how to divide the business. How many of these job units does the team have? What is the profitability (sales, cost, profit) of each unit? We believe that the accumulation is the activity of the entire team and is profitable. One thing to keep in mind is that it is simply difficult to separate jobs by job, and jobs often overlap. I hope that the idea of ​​job unit will clarify what you are doing business activities for every day. In any case, you have to plan for each job, keep in mind the process of activity, and achieve the goals of the entire team.











チームはビジネスにおける感情表現の場 Teams are a place to express emotions in business

It is natural that the teams that carry out business activities are lively and relaxed. Team members should feel free to share their opinions and ideas and have discussions based on trust. Creating an atmosphere for such a team is one of the major roles of leaders. Of course, the atmosphere is very good, but at a low level of business activity, it’s overwhelming. When business activities are going well, the atmosphere shouldn’t be bad. Teams with little (no) discussion will have dark days. Business activities must be started not from the form, rules, regulations, and regulations, but from how to create moving and inspiring activities. Most leaders who cannot manage will try to enter from the form. Otherwise you will not be able to manage your team. It would be interesting to have a casual conversation on the train when visiting a customer, and to develop the conversation into a team discussion, rather than forcibly communicating with the team. In a sense, it is no exaggeration to say that business activities are a place to express emotions. Therefore, movement, clothes, and wording can be considered as one of the expressions. If you enjoy your heart, you can have a fun conversation, if it is dark, it will be dark, and everything seems to be in your heart.







チーム・ビズ 2050~当り前の研究/原点に還ろう~

下記項目についてまとめ中 (島田 武)















(13)  残業・副業を考える



























(19)OJT/On The Job Training





(24)オフィスは 攻撃型に作る






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