チーム・ワーク Team Work

It is important for members to always keep in mind the feelings of the leader. Of course, the leader will be thinking about the members. This is called teamwork. In other words, unless high teamwork is demonstrated, the goal cannot be achieved at all. Once the team has begun to work on the outcome goals, it is not possible for the superordinate organization to speak out or hold back on the team. The team’s goals have already been acknowledged, so you should keep an eye on them, even if you have some concerns. It goes without saying that it is more efficient to work as a team than to work alone. But there are some obvious prerequisites. That is the goodness of teamwork. I would like to consider how to create a team that forms good teamwork from a natural point of view. I think the activities as a team have been around since the Stone Age. I think that the role of searching for and pursuing prey, the role of shooting with a bow, the technical role of building a temple, the relationship between a Buddhist master and a disciple when making a Buddha statue, the organization of the fighting army, etc. will be a team. It goes without saying that each team member plays a leading role, but all team members, centered on the leader, bear the difficult task of how to make each activity a cohesive activity to achieve the goals of the team. The activity will continue forever in the future. The same is true when thinking about team business, and I think that the value and existence of a team is determined by how the leader plays a central role. However, the idea of ​​the leader is not 100%. It goes without saying that the leader must think about the activities of the team, absorbing the ideas of the team members. How to combine the ideas of the leader and the ideas of the team members to create a policy is the most important point that leads to the evaluation of the leader.








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