ジョブ単位 Job Unit

A business has a beginning and a conclusion (end). Of the company-wide business activities, the business activity that occurs each time in the smallest unit is called the job unit. In order to clarify this job unit, it is necessary to assign a job number (management number), record and store the progress from the purpose, final evaluation, etc., and grasp and manage the entire team. Every job has a beginning. You can’t put a break in your business. I understand that too. If you analyze the contents of the transaction carefully, you may find that many business requests overlap. Why not divide it into individual businesses instead of thinking of them as one business as a whole? This separated business (activity) is a job unit. At first glance, many similar things have been requested, so it may look like one business as a whole. Of course, in the case of very small business activities, those with the same theme should be regarded as one job unit. It is up to the leaders and members to decide how to divide the business. How many of these job units does the team have? What is the profitability (sales, cost, profit) of each unit? We believe that the accumulation is the activity of the entire team and is profitable. One thing to keep in mind is that it is simply difficult to separate jobs by job, and jobs often overlap. I hope that the idea of ​​job unit will clarify what you are doing business activities for every day. In any case, you have to plan for each job, keep in mind the process of activity, and achieve the goals of the entire team.











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