チームはビジネスにおける感情表現の場 Teams are a place to express emotions in business

It is natural that the teams that carry out business activities are lively and relaxed. Team members should feel free to share their opinions and ideas and have discussions based on trust. Creating an atmosphere for such a team is one of the major roles of leaders. Of course, the atmosphere is very good, but at a low level of business activity, it’s overwhelming. When business activities are going well, the atmosphere shouldn’t be bad. Teams with little (no) discussion will have dark days. Business activities must be started not from the form, rules, regulations, and regulations, but from how to create moving and inspiring activities. Most leaders who cannot manage will try to enter from the form. Otherwise you will not be able to manage your team. It would be interesting to have a casual conversation on the train when visiting a customer, and to develop the conversation into a team discussion, rather than forcibly communicating with the team. In a sense, it is no exaggeration to say that business activities are a place to express emotions. Therefore, movement, clothes, and wording can be considered as one of the expressions. If you enjoy your heart, you can have a fun conversation, if it is dark, it will be dark, and everything seems to be in your heart.







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